Monday, January 30, 2012

December 5th 2011, Pete's 33rd Birthday

This year for Pete's Birthday we went to the beautiful Nick's Cove in Tamalis Bay. His Birthday falls on the 5th of December, (obviously i'm a little behind on my blogging) so it is very important to him that we celebrate his day of birth before decking the halls for Christmas....After spending a night at this cozy little cove, kind of a hidden treasure tucked away on the coastline with a deck over looking the bay, complete with a quaint little wood burning stove fireplace, we decided that we would make this an annual birthday tradition. It will be a getaway that we'll look forward to every year and a place that will make hubby happy on his day. Walking distance from the little cottages is Nicks restaurant, where we enjoyed a birthday dinner, with Pete's brother Erik and his wife Lindsay (two Lindsey Stockers). Liv was such an angel all dinner.
We found out that night the hard way that 6 months was too big to let her sleep unbuckeled in her carseat. The waitress kindly offered the empty table next to us to put her on. Something inside of me knew it was unsafe because she is definitely a tosser in her sleep. I went for it anyway since she looked so tucked away and sound asleep (don't ever let the guys talk you into something if your motherly instinct tells you otherwise) ( ; Next thing we know, during a yummy dinner and good conversation, out of the corner of my eye I see her wriggling her way out of her seat, and in slow motion her little body slipped out of the carseat and headed for the hardwood floor. Lindsay and I stood up and screamed (the motherly thing to do of course) which catapulted Erik and Pete to their feet dashing toward Liv. Erik, being the closest to her and the hero of the evening caught her with about 6 inches until she hit the hard floor. Ugggghhhhhhh worst feeling EVER. My heart pounded along with everyone else for the next 15 minutes. Apparently she had no clue what had happened because she awoke and gave Erik a huge smile like he had been holding her throughout her whole sleep. So happy that my wiggly baby girl was ok. A lesson learned, and a huge relief that we didn't end up in the E.R. making sure she didn't have a concussion.
Happy Birthday to my sweets and here's to a GREAT 33rd year!

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