Monday, January 30, 2012

Stocker Cup October 2011

Stocker Cup is an annual Golf Tournament that takes place in Carmel in honor of Pete's dad. It brings people from all over to celebrate and honor his memory for a 5 day tournament on a beautiful course. Each year it happens in the fall at some point (this year October) and the whole family heads down to Carmel for the fun-filled weekend. This year Pete invited my parents up to join in the festivities which includes a dinner in a huge beautiful barn with great food, people and dancing. This year was my second time attending and it's always a good time. Carmel is so beautiful and it was an extra plus having my parents there with us. Liv was as cute as can be and definitely got a lot of ooos and ahhhs. I just realized that every picture I posted on here she's wailing!! haha!! She was almost 6 months old...

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