Monday, January 30, 2012

Halloween 2011

I have to post the silliness of our Halloween this past year. It was a last minute costume thrown together after finding wigs at a nearby store the day of Halloween. I totally lagged on getting Liv a costume. We had big plans for her to be several things but never made the order. Soooo after a quick run to Walgreens and a fabric store we had the goal to look like a mini family of off the hook rockstars. Instead after slapping tatoos all over our arms and chests (which stayed on for an extra week) Pete looked like Joe Dirt, I looked like a ghetto gangsta and Liv just hated her headband and cried until I took off her costume. It was a fun and mellow night anyway...We headed over the bridge to Marin to hang with Petes family, eat and drink and be merry and pass out candy. I have NEVER seen a street more packed and raging then in Mill Valley on that Halloween night. Kids EVERYWHERE. Wonder where we'll be in 2012?!?!

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