Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just like that...

Just like that...after months and months that have added up into a year or so, and how quickly time does fly, I clicked on my blog and decided to write...about... what? I'm not sure tonight...but i'm going to start this blog thing once and for all because I have the WORST memory and it will be a good "journal" that will never get for the world to see.
I just read my sisters blog and saw the picture of Ella reading to Avery in bed...and i imagined how in a short time there will be another little sister to join their family and their sisterhood, and i couldn't be more excited that there will be three of them and how they will get to grow up and experience so many wonderful things together...and they will all be best friends. and my heart was full and my eyes were full.....of tears. Oh how much i miss those girlies. Love you girls. I wish I was there with you to swim and play. Here's a picture of us....and soon there will be three. ( :