Monday, April 11, 2011


32 weeks

Bad planning on our part...We tore out the kitchen appliances to do the hardwood floors...only now we don't have a kitchen...until next week. And I'm STARVING!! What am i supposed to eat?!? We have a refrigerator that needs food, and a toaster. I'm tired of Eggo waffles and yogurt (well actually I ate them all) Pete is at work and now i'm on my 4th pretzel stick, the really long and fat ones, and my mouth is feeling a little dry. Only, being 32 weeks pregnant, the motivation to get my butt up and go to the store is lacking something fierce, even if the corner market is 100 yards away. Pathetic I know.
I have been really spoiled in this pregnancy. A husband who loves to serve me and cook, and nothing major as far as sickness or back ache. But I get now what women mean when in the "final stretch" they are ready to be done being pregnant. I'm not quite to the point where I'm screaming get this baby out of me but i'm not gonna lie, there are a few annoyances that come with having a ball attached to your front middle at all times...
For one, im a stomach sleeper, and I wake up ten times a night and look at my husband with envy as he sleeps comfortably on his stomach, one foot off the bed, just how I like it.
I find going pee 8 times a night pretty annoying too, especially when you sit down and a tinkle tinkle comes out like i'm 2.
I am excited to have a normal sex life back, or any sex life at all for that matter.
Everything has stretched and added an extra layer and changed color. Will it all look normal again?
My face feels swollen all of the time, and in addition this wonderful sunshine has given me a nice little mustache that i've never had before, no matter what ammount of sunscreen I put on. (I know its a common thing called pregnancy mask caused by hormones) Does this all sound vain? yes!! I realize it!! But...
With all that said, I am SOOOO excited and thankful that this little one is growing healthy inside of me. No ammount of discomfort will compare to what it feels like to see her for the first time and realize that my body made her!!!! It's really really amazing!!! I have so many pregnant friends who say the same thing, "not to sound selfish, but i'm just ready to have this baby on the outside of my belly and have my body back." I think its pretty stinkin normal to feel that way. It's CRAZINESS the way everything changes and all the adjustments women have to make. And the men stand by and watch, and still drink their beer, and Pete laughs at me as I grunt loudly from being kicked in the ribs by this little mover and shaker. It's all fun, all an experience and all one that will be wrapping up within the next month and a half. I have SO much to do and SO little time!!! I'm really looking forward to my baby shower this upcoming weekend, hosted by my mom and sister in Yuba much to look forward to...