Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6 months, and a Baby Girl!!!

It's funny when life throws a little surprise at you, and exciting all the same. When you think something is going to be one way and your brain adjusts to thinking in those terms and then WHAMMY, its different.
At 12 weeks Pete and I got an ultrasound by our sister in laws parents. SO many people told us it's way too early to tell the sex of the baby, but we took the "it looks like you're having a boy" and ran with it. She even said, "Don't quote me on this" but we did. We began our planning and nickname calling as if we had a little man growing inside, baby bubba, Liam, Finn, the name kept changing. Pete was excited to have a little buddy to teach him all the manly things, and I imagined having myself a little sidekick to chum around with....
When we FINALLY were able to go get a sonogram last week, after what feels like a loooong time of waiting, the sweet lady looks at us and says, "SORRY TO BURST THE BOY BUBBLE BUT YOU GUYS ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!!!"
We were overwhelmed with excitement and mind adjustment and the beautiful images of our little girls face flashing across the sonogram screen. I looked at Pete to read if there was a possibility of disappointment on his face but instead he had a huge smile and said he was so excited. She looked like she was sucking her thumb for a long time but once her little hand moved away from her face, we got to see her yawn, smile, and just look pretty for us. I think Pete fell in love right then and there. We excitedly got into the car and began our phone calls to the family where everyone celebrated in our excitement and laughed at the sudden change in mindset that had to take place. I feel like it took no more then 10 minutes for our minds to wrap around a little girl. We had a huge smile on our faces for the remainder of the day (we went on a date at Cafe Rouge in Berkeley and split a burger) and talked about all the amazing things we would experience having a little girl. Pete suddenly felt the pressure of being a protector to her and felt like the job of being daddy just got a little tougher. The cute thing is, God knew all along that this precious little one growing inside of me was a girl. He knows her already, forming her and preparing her for this big world, fashioning her little personnality. I have a feeling she will be a daddy's girl, but I'm so excited for all the things I get to teach her about life and being a little lady. WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!!!! I think the name at this point is Olivia Love. I love all the nicknames that come along with that name, and the option she will have to be called Liv. For now, I call her Livvy Love and love the femininity of it. ( : I hope she gets Pete's little blonde curls that he had when he was a baby. She could look just like her daddy and I would be so happy. ( : I think my husband is a hot tamale.

Today, I am at a coffee shop while the loft gets ceiling fans and new carpet upstairs. In a few weeks we will be getting new hardwood floors installed and basically a new kitchen. So excited to have all of this completed as the time inches closer to having a baby. I can't believe that in less then 3 months we will be experiencing parenthood. Excited and thankful for this new phase in our lives. And I LOVE that I get to share this pregnancy with so many good friends who are pregnant at the same time and due around the same week that I am! Natalie Jelavich-Day, Alison Hardebeck, Stephanie Birch-Molina, Liz Siegal, and I know there are many's a baby boom!