Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My lil Drama Queen...

Cute when she cries

Liv's first 4th of July in Lahontan Truckee

Poolside nap time with the cousins, Truckee

Emma was in a play this Summer. She was such a good little actress and her pretty little face shined on stage!! I had a smile the whole time.

Ella (7) and Avery (5) both just celebrated Birthdays this month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!! I love you SOOOO much!!! I can't believe how big and beautiful they are, and how quickly time has flown by...

A 6 mile walk around the city (Haight and Ashbury)

Sean and Changa's beautiful wedding June 3rd

Our "night out" costume party.

My sweet little Liv.

Mommy loves you so much.

There's so much to write about. Things are changing around here every day. I've been finding it hard to find time to sit down and blog. Liv is awake a lot more these days, slowly growing out of that very newborn stage. She is 7 weeks tomorrow and becoming so much more aware of her surroundings everyday. As I write this she is asleep in the ergo with her head on my chest. I'm LOVING this Ergo, it's a front pack that fits her securely and allows me to get some things done. Not to mention if she is fussy I will put her in, bounce around and she will fall asleep within a minute. (Thanks Jackie and Lindsay) It's so true what they say about newborns wanting to still be close to mommy. I will be sad when these days pass. Already she is past the days of wanting to lay still on my chest. It's the cutest thing how her head bobbles back and forth. She has discovered that there is so much to see. It's like the world around her just opened up for her in the past 2 weeks and she received her eyes to take it all in. I love the connections she is making with everyone who loves her. Last week in Yuba, we had our first conversation back and forth and i got it on video which is at the bottom of this post. (please excuse my annoying baby talking voice) She has also definitely discovered her voice and knows exactly how to get our attention. This little girl has got a set of lungs on her and this past week she received a new nickname hence the title of this post. I can't help but take pictures when she cries, and I find myself laughing a little when she wails, only because I think she looks really cute and I can tell she's got some spice in her. It's amazing how much of her personnality I can already see. She likes to be heard, she knows what she wants, she loves to play, she's extremely curious, she loves music, she's very keen and aware of her surroundings, and she loves to be paid attention to. And she's affectionate and oh so cuddly. I love everything about this little drama queen.
Already so many places we have been since she was born; 2 weddings, Tahoe for the 4th of July, a weekend in Meadowood, A week in Yuba, and all around to meet all of her baby friends. She was so happy to return home on Saturday and it was really evident that she knew we were in her safe familiar home. Nana and Papa came back to the city with me to watch her that night so Pete and I could go out for a friends 30th birthday. It was a costume party (thrown together costume) where we drove a trolley on wheels all around the city. While it was a lot of fun, I of course called every hour to check on her and nana did such a good job at making us feel comfortable to enjoy ourselves. Still, we made our own trolley stop and got off to head home to our baby at around 11:30. I love the feeling of having such a wonderful love and partner in Pete, where we are on the same page to get home to our little family. It's been so nice enjoying our loft after months of renovating. We spend our evenings making dinner, adoring Liv, and sometimes getting a movie in. We feel so blessed with so many people who already love Liv and shower her with their affections. This is one loved little girl...

(Posting this a week late...tomorrow she will be 8 weeks!! Which calls for another post)


andrea said...

I love your posts! Love all your details and pictures! And I love Liv...that video is so cute and I miss her. Miss you too. ;)

Natalie said...

I can't believe how much she has changed since our play date! I love the detailed post, it inspires me to document more of my thoughts about Reed. It's amazing how your whole world shifts after your child comes along...all for the better. :) everyday I love him more and more, I'm sure you fell the same way. I hope to see you soon! XO