Thursday, July 7, 2011

Me and Liv

I was practicing applying fake eyelashes for state board. ( :

Our first shopping trip together.

Olivia is 5 weeks old today...I'm so enjoying watching her grow and become much more alert everyday. She insists on watching me from her car seat everywhere we go, and her eyes rarely leave mine. Sometimes I wonder if I'm creating a little bit of a drama queen as she's learning quickly that I will respond quickly to her crying, and wow can she cry!!! It's a really hard thing to just let her cry. Everyone has different opinions but I mostly read that in the first few months, ignoring them while crying isn't teaching any lessons. When she cries I think she's letting me know that she wants to be close, and she has had enough independent time. And I'm okay with that. I want to cherish this time that she is little and fits so snug in my arms. She's doing so well sleeping in her own bed (right next to my bed) at night. She also loves being outside. I'm so excited to learn more and more about her little personality. She's really sweet. She already smiles a lot, when she's tired she cries her hardest. Just thinking of her little face while she's upstairs asleep makes me want to wake her up and kiss her cheeks. A few pictures of us together. We lay in bed a lot together. ( : Today we had a coffee date at the corner coffee shop and she was so content just sitting in my arms while I ate. I'm so content doing nothing but being her mommy everyday.
A few of her nicknames: Livvy, Livvy-Lou, Livvy Love, Livvy Lou-who. I'm sure there will be many more along the way.

I LOVE thsi picture of us in bed together.


andrea said...

That last picture is the sweetest ever! Oh the love affair of your first child is like no other.

My Georgie Girl said...

I'm so in LOVE with LOVE:)

Davis Family said...

As if I don't allready... your nursing pics make me ache for a new baby to nurse and bond with and spend all my energy on. So sweet Lindsey, and your so right, nothing else matters right now because those moments that she fits so neatly in your arms are so fleeting, ENJOY!