Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 Months old today...

I can't even remember life without you in it...
What did I do? What did I think about? What was so important?
Obviously there were things that were important, and things that took up my time...
But nothing like the heart full of love and purpose I have experienced in the past 2 months having you as my baby girl...

You are 2 months today,
Already growing so much.

At 6 weeks the doctor couldn't believe how alert and "with it" you were.
He told me that you were a smart one and that you could easily have me wrapped around your finger in no time....done.
He showed me how your little legs were already strong and sturdy by bouncing them off of his hand.
He weighed you and measured you and you've grown two inches in height and gained 4 pounds. He reassured me you were getting plenty to eat, warning me not to over feed because it would take its toll on my body.
You got a shot that day in your upper thigh and you cried pretty hard, broke my heart.
You are starting a routine, you wake up to eat at 5 am, then back up at 7...and your tired for your morning nap at 8:30. Usually i will curl up next to you and we'll snooze together in your boppy (one of your favorite spots) I quietly sneak away to get some things done around the house but look over to check on your cute little face quite often. On some days, when i'm extra sleepy i will stay and nap with you the whole time...but thats only for you and I to know about. ( ;

You're talking more and more and when you really want to say something you kick your arms and legs really fast, trying to work up the energy to get it out. The past two weekends we have gone up to Meadowood and daddy and I take you on a hike up the trail. I'm a little afraid the whole time because there is a sign warning about mountain lions. "hike at your own risk" Ahhh!! Good thing we have Baron with us to lead the way and scare off any critters. You sleep in the ergo the whole time and then wake toward the last stretch of the trail. One of your favorite things to do and one of my favorite things to watch you do is look up at the sky and the tall trees. I can see your little brain working in wonder taking all of these new sights in. You're following things with your eyes including a bird that flew over head the other day. You also love music. We sing songs all day and you fall asleep at night to a lullaby album.

It may seem silly to write all of this down, But I want to remember all of it. Time flies so quickly, and I have the worst memory./ : It's time to get some sleep now, it's getting late...This weekend we are heading up to Tahoe for a few days and then off to Yuba we go to spend a week there. Nana and Papa and all your cousins will be so happy to see you. You are so loved little girl. Sweet dreams.


andrea said...

Are you kidding me with this picture? She is gorgeous! I love all the details you share...you will be so glad for it in the future. I can't wait to hold this sweet baby girl.

Gretchen said...

I loved reading this!!!! Enjoy every bit!!! It goes so fast!