Thursday, June 30, 2011

Olivia Love Stocker

Was born on June 2nd, 2011 at 3:37 am on a Thursday morning in Yuba City California. Today on June 30th, she is 4 weeks old.
Everyday I fall more and more in love with this beautiful little Livvy Lou Who. After a few weeks of adjusting to this new little addition and having lots of visitors I think it's time to write about her birth and entrance into this big world and start documenting all of her fun experiences and adventures
I'm so excited to document your little life, as you grow and learn, and as we celebrate all of your birthdays and holidays, and also just the normal days where I get to be home with you one on one teaching you, and watching you experience things for the first time... and excitedly awaiting daddy's arrival from work each night. Right now as I write this, you are lying on my chest asleep, your favorite place to take a nap. I'm kind of convinced that you're going to be a daddy's girl. His big strong arms and the nape of his neck are your safest haven and his calm demeanor and deep voice can sooth you in your most dramatic cry. Both of us are so completely in love with you. We spend a lot of time just staring at you and doading over all your little movements and faces. Daddys favorite thing is when you stretch out all your limbs in the morning and make all the cute squeaky noises. So far you're such a great sleeper at night, and you wake up only one to two times to eat, burp, poop, then back to sleep you go!!
I'm always hearing moms say they don't remember their kids being this little. I can already see how quickly you're growing and changing. I sit here with you Livvy and try my best to soak up these special moments. I want to concrete them in my mind in hopes that I can remember you this little. I think it's easy to get in survival mode in these first few weeks. Especially being a new mom. I have asked myself a few times, wow what did I do with my time before I was a mom? But now my time feels like it has purpose. My heart is full of love for you, and sometimes I'm struck and overwhelmed with the realization that you belong to us, and you're not just here for a visit. We get you for keeps! You are the most important gift I have ever received and I cherish you. I was amazed and will always remember experiencing the "mama bear" feeling that came over me so strongly in the first week. I would do ANYTHING to protect you, and the littlest things made me cry, like when you scratched your face the first time (obviously some hormones involved) Suddenly I was driving like a grandma, and watching closely in my rear view mirror regulating and telling people off who were driving too close behind. It's a little overwhelming being responsible for a life so little and fragile. I hardly slept the first week. I preferred watching your every breath and making sure you were comfortable and breathing perfectly. I know now why my mom has always been concerned for my well being. This is being a mommy. Things I want to remember about you now.....
I was in labor with you for 12 hours and pushed for an hour and 15 minutes, starting at 2:22 a.m.
You were 7 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long.
You arrived right on your due date, the day after Uncle Josh's birthday and it was a Thursday morning.
The day you were born Yuba had tornado warnings and some family members actually saw a tornado touch down in live oak!
The people at the hospital to welcome you were mommy and daddy nana and papa aunt Andrea and aunt Heather.
You were so alert and aware of your surroundings from the very start. You recognized both of our voices and you even held your head up to try and look at us.
You are so stong. Nana came to stay with us to help the first week and she said she had never seen a newborn so alert and wide eyed.
You came out sucking and ready to eat, and latched on right away to feed, such a special moment for mommy.
You love your hands and use them to soothe yourself. You even did that in the womb. When we got your 3D ultra sound you had your hands near your face almost the whole time.
When you were just 9 days old, we took you to our best friends wedding, Jessaca and Billy. I was so worried about you the whole time, but you were such a good girl...
All of your cousins love you and Sophie couldnt wait to get her hands on you. Once she got ahold of you she didnt want to let go. I have a feeling you two will be buddies.
Everyone says you look a lot like daddy. Your hair is starting to get lighter and when it's wet it gets a bit wavy. You may just have blonde curls like your daddy did.
The moment you were placed on my chest, i was so overwhelmed with love for you. My love for you grows more everyday!!
You smile in you sleep and dream all of the time and you've even smiled at me a few times awake. i dont think its gas...
So many people love and pray for you already. Your life is blessed. I named you Olivia Love, not only because I love the name Liv, but also because I want you to live a life full of love. 'The Greatest of these is Love'. I can already tell you're gonna be a little lover, you're so so sweet.
My favorite story to remember is the first full night in the hospital I was so tired after being up all night the previous night and visitors that whole day. Andrea, Maggie's older sister said she was happy to take you into the nursery so I could rest, so I fed you and they took you into the nursery (I felt so sad and reluctant to let you go) but just 2 hours later they returned you to my room saying you were hungry and had been crying in the nursery. I was suprised that you would be hungry already, but they laid you next to me and you stopped crying, but you didnt want to eat. Silly me called the nurse back in and told her you didnt want to eat, so she took you back to the nursery. Only an hour later she wheeled you back in and said she really is hungry. Once more you were not interested in the boob, but you were so still and content laying next to me. It was then that it hit me, I was your mommy and you wanted me. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that you needed to be close to me. You knew me. After carrying you inside of me for 9 months, you wanted to remain close. A feeling I had never experienced, being a mommy. I'm so happy to be your mommy.


SoonToBeMrs.Valencia said...

Totally crying reading this. What a feeling! I'm so happy for you three!

andrea said...

Love this sister! You are a great mommy and Olivia is pure perfection!