Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Sunday afternoon Baby Shower

This past Sunday was my baby shower, kindly thrown by my sister and my mom at my sisters was wonderful to see so many faces that I haven't for a long time. It was perfect weather, and great company, and I was definitely "showered" with so many amazing gifts for this baby girl. I felt very loved, which is always a good feeling. ( : This morning Pete and I unloaded the trunk and now have a couch covered in pink frilly goodness. Now the biggest challenge lies in trying to find a place for everything. I'm so anxious for that day, hopefully soon, when the loft is done and ready and I can feel prepared to have this baby arrive anyday. For the most part on my days off, when I dont go to school, I take it easy. But this morning I took a long trip to Ikea where I met my wonderful sister in law who is taking on this loft project with me to help us get it complete. She is an architectural designer and it helps so much to have her input. My pregnancy brain doesn't allow me to make decisions very well and I would like to be Mary Poppins, snap my fingers and have it be done. When usually, I love the creative process in making something come together....once I was done walking around getting ideas and taking pictures to show Pete, I bought a HUGE $1 cinnamon roll and VERY slowly walked back to my car. I think I overstayed my welcome. My lower back and body were yelling at me to get home.

Anyway, more on the loft later, back to baby shower...the morning of, I took my niece Emma to Forever 21 with me to figure out something to wear for the shower. It was so cute the way she thoughtfully helped me pick something and how much even her 8 year old advice helped. "This Large looks a little big around the waist Emma, do you think I should get a medium?" "Well i think it would be a good idea to get a large so you'll be able to grow into it and wear it your whole pregnancy"....uhhh wow!! Thanks!! You totally talked me into the large. I just love my nieces so much and want to be apart of their lives as they grow and mature and become their own wonderful persons. I already love each of their own unique personnalities. I LOVE it that my little girl has some lovely young ladies to look up to as role models. We are really really blessed, and SO appreciative of everyone who joined us and showered us with your gifts, but mostly your presence. And Thank you a million times mom and sister for all your love and hard work you put in. It was perfect!!


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