Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The BABY Bumpity Bump

I'm currently 23 WEEKS along, really can't believe how quickly the time has passed...especially with planning a wedding, and going to school 30 hours a week. I've enjoyed staying active throughout this pregnancy. I think it helps a lot. My exercise is walking 6 blocks to school and back, 3 flights of stairs six times a day, and an occasional Yoga class and walk along the SF bay. At 23 weeks, I feel energetic, and finally getting some inspiration back...most of the time. It's so sporatic. Like yesterday I felt like I wanted to conquer the world, and today I feel like i could lay in bed for half the day. But I dont let myself. GET UP, GET MOVING. I feel like i lost all creativity in the first few months, not to mention I was a little bit psycho. I hear most preggos can relate so I didn't feel so bad about myself, but really, there were times I felt like I was going nutso, and it felt beyond my control. Good thing I have a strong and patient man to see me through (and laugh at me) Feels good to be feeling a little more like me as this baby grows inside of me. I have a lot of respect for you mommies out there who do all of this with other little ones running around. You're amazing!

SOOOO, pictures of growth. The one of me in the pink dress was taken yesterday, just one week after my wedding. I really feel like he tucked himself away on the day of my wedding, and the spanx helped a bit too. Not that I was hiding you little buddy, mommy just wanted to somewhat feel sexy. ( ;

18 WEEKS ~ please excuse the nippin out. It was cold.


Beautiful Day at the bay, 2 days after our wedding.

23 WEEKS~notice the paint samples.

Other facts to remember about this pregnancy:
~I was queasy and nauseous in the beginning but felt better when I ate, (which was every 15 minutes).
~I craved unhealthy food, like fast food, soda, greasy chinese etc. Yummy Chow mein (Veggies and fruit sounded horrible.)
~I ate eggs every morning (i've heard eggs make some pregnant mommas nauseous)
~I started to feel better and more energetic at right around 12-13 weeks
~My biggest dread was brushing my teeth (made me gag)
~I TOTALLY have pregnancy brain and cant remember the simplest of words.
~My pelvic area really started to hurt at like 15 weeks (hurts to run) and has only gotten worse the bigger I get
~I felt Baby kicking for the first time on New Years Eve and he's been active ever since.
~Pete and I got married when I was 22 weeks (which is my lucky number) ( :
~His nickname is Baby Bubba.
~We're pretty sure we saw a penis at 12 weeks which is why I call him a boy. Surprise surprise if "He's" really a girl...
~I didn't follow all of the rules very well like "no soft cheese" I think you'll be ok...


Gretchen said...

Lindsey...you look adorable!!! Congrats on your wedding and pregnancy!! So glad you decided to blog again!!

andrea said...

I love it!!! Now you better stick with it this time! Can't wait to see you and shop with you tomorrow!