Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happiest of Birthdays to my beautiful Sister...February 9th, 1980

A Sister Birthday poem, To my sister on her Birthday...
Words don't define how divine it is, to know a friendship like this,
Close because we're sisters, but closer because we've grown, and we know
everything of one another, except for the special things you share only with a lover. ( ;
How lucky I am to look to someone so lovely, who loves me for me and who isn't afraid to
tell me like it is. If I tried for a moment to imagine life without you in it, I just couldn't do it and only God knew it,
That I would need a sister exactly like you. Sitting in a room with you either talking or in silence, still remains your quiet guidance that I will always need, and you will always be the big sister and the woman I always hoped to be. Thank you for being you, and always staying true to you, and being the example that every little sister needs to look up to. I will call you and ask you questions on how to be a mom, and how to cook a dinner thats bomb, and how to be a wife thats strong. Because I know you pass no judgement, and you love me right where I am. I can depend on you and know you'll be there always believing and encouraging me toward everything that is good and beauty... I'm not the only girl who looks up to you. I know there are many more, but especially your 3 beautiful daughters it's you they so adore. You only get more lovely with age because connected with it is a more steady grace, of wisdom and beauty and stability and maturity, You're beautiful sister, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, and MANY MANY more.

Your sister


andrea said...

Wow!!!! That was amazing...I'm speechless! Thank you sister! I love you so much...your the best! Loved all the pictures too. You are such a good writer.

Jessaca said...

Beautiful!! Andrea, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!