Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm sure this post will sound pretty dramatic. But I want to remember this morning when I look back on old posts.
I had a moment this morning that comes sporadically. The moment that you just need to cry because it feels really good.
I know it sounds so hormonal, (hello!! this sounds pretty common when you're pregnant) but it feels so much more then that. To me it feels like being alive, when for a second I STOP.....................
and have real emotion, that may just be Gods way of getting me to take it all in and the good gifts that surround me. When no one else is around and I'm overwhelmed with life and everything that we take for granted. And the way our breath just comes so naturally unless something happens to our health. I have to have these times or else I will do life and forget to take a look around at where I am right now. I look back on seasons that have come and gone, and wish for them again, or wish we would have at least appreciated them more while they were here. Like looking back on old pictures when my nieces were little tiny girls with baby faces, and how they are growing up and learning more and more about life everyday....or how it's easy to find and dwell on the negative things, or the things that bother us about things in our life that we wish could change. I want to live in each moment and be present, be thankful for what life has for us right now. Not dwell or hang onto the past, or anticipate the future to the point of forgetting about right now, the moment that I will never have again.

"Be here now, no other place to be, all the doubts that linger, just set them free, and let good things happen, let the future come, into each moment like the rising sun..." ~ Mason Jennings.

Sometimes I have an overwhelming feeling of everything that I want to do, and i feel like life moves so quickly, and i'm lost as to where to start. I have to remember that it's ok to rest now, because i'm tired ....and my body is already working really hard to make this little baby. It is a season of rest. And that is good. Sometimes inspiration comes and takes over the bones and i have to remind myself to stay put. But it doesnt mean that these dreams exist for no reason. In fact, I am confident that these desires are placed inside for a reason, and in the right season will come to fruition.

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