Thursday, October 18, 2007

I am a blogger as of today... ( :

So I woke up today, and checked my sisters blog. And suddenly I decided it would be a good idea to start one of my own. I'm at such a strange place in my life right might be fun to let the whole world read about it and tell me their thoughts. Maybe give some helpful advice. ( : Just kidding. I look forward to connecting with people I haven't for a long time...and posting pictures of my sister when she first wakes up in the morning. It's payback time. haha!

I love this season. I wish it felt more like fall, but since I live in Sunny San Diego, I will have to settle for the 80 degree days and the leaves that turn only a shade lighter then green. I still try to wear warm fuzzy sweaters but I only end up sweating by noon. But it's funny to me how people change with the seasons too. I talked to my sister this morning and we have both been feeling like we want to change everything. (and i'm talking about the silly stuff) I get this overwhelming desire to empty my closet in its entirety and start fresh. Which would leave me naked because I have no money. BUT we made a plan on Monday to get a new hair do, and have Gabe watch the girls while we spend HOURS trying on a new Fall attire at cheap stores like Forever 21. That's right Gabe, hours. ( ; How fun that will be!! We haven't been shopping together without two little ones for quite some time. So a date it is...even if I just end up with a new scarf.

I miss the Fall times in Nashville...the aroma of pumpkin and caramelized praline scented candles filling our apartment, going to coffee shops with Ami and Sarah to read and talk and sip on Pumpkin Spice lattes or Carmel apple cider, new jackets and scarves, bundling up and going for late night walks, Thanksgivings at the Dodson household...and the scenery...the trees and the colors are indescribable.....I need a camera!!

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